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Larnaca International Airport offers 1000 parking spaces for the public which have been allocated for short term (Public Parking) and long term parking.
LCA Airport Fees (EUR)
Public Parking
0-20 min
21-40 min
41-60 min
1-2 hrs
2-4 hrs
4-6 hrs
6-12 hrs
12-24 hrs
Additional 4 days – per day
After the 5th day – per day
Lost Ticket Charge: €50
Vehicle Release Charge: €85

Long Term Parking *
0-24 hrs
Additional 4 days – per day
After the 5th day – per day

* The long-term parking area is located within the airport only a few meters away from the Main Entrance. The parking area is under the management of Hermes Airports Ltd in a fully covered, enclosed and secured space protected by guard.
When you approach the entrance of the barrier simply take the ticket from the machine at which time the barrier will open. Before leaving the car park you will use the ticket to pay at the pay machines located near the front of the terminal. This ticket will then need to be inserted at the exit barrier.
For more information please contact at (357) 24 008136
Parking Map

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